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Windows Live Writer – Code Formatter Plugin

April 27, 2008 Leave a comment
Found this cool plugin for Windows Live Writer created by Steve Dunn. The author provides binaries as well as the source code for the plugin.
This plug-in formats and highlights code and also does the following:
  • The ability to format the code ‘live’
  • The ability to wrap lines
  • The ability to change the background color
  • The ability to just quickly paste what’s in the clipboard as code
  • The ability to change the font, including the font name, size, weight, and style.

The only annoyance with this plugin is that I have to manually remove the background style from the div for the source code so that the default background of my space is used. Perhaps there is some configuration setting which disables this which I have overlooked. Other than that this is a must have plugin for anyone using Windows Live Writer.

The best part is that you can edit the xml files for each language to change the styles for the tokens and you can also add new keywords etc. The xml files are located at:
%PROGRAM FILES%\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins\Languages\ActiproSoftware.<LanguageName>.xml